Dr Ronda Zelezny-Green                                            20th July 2020


"For two weeks, PETITE Childcare, lovingly led by Ramisha Kiyani, took care of my 18-month old daughter Ave. It was one of the best short-term childcare experiences I have facilitated for my little one. Ave is a very independent girl who enjoys having lots of things to do. She is raised in a bilingual household so also required Spanish language instructional materials each day. Ramisha/PETITE rose to the challenge and every day was filled with educational activities for my daughter that helped develop her sense of self, her curiosity, and her ability to enjoy childhood while learning. 


Activities for Ave included the arts, water play, ball pits/soft play, sorting exercises, role play, and so much more. Ave was served healthy food (fruit, pasta with broccoli hidden in it, etc.) that she enjoyed, and Ramisha/Petite catered perfectly to her food allergies. The home was always extremely clean (even my husband remarked about this... it was surprising since Ave is an expert mess maker!), located in a quiet area near a park, and was very easy to get to with on-street parking. I am pretty protective of Ave, as any mother would be, and I felt completely comfortable leaving my daughter in Ramisha/Petite's charge. 


We look forward to working with Ramisha/Petite soon and appreciate the speed that tiney exhibited to help us find childcare at a short notice. Thank you Ramisha!"


- Dr Ronda Zelezny-Green

Rebekah K                                                                         7th August 2020

"I have joined Petite as my new child care provider after seeing their unique perspectives on EYFS and child development expressed throughout their play room on my visit. Petite has recently taken amazing care of my 2 year old child. There enthusiasm and kindness stand out from all the other child care experiences in the past. Thank you girls."

Altafrazak Razak                                                      2nd November 2020

"I am a mother of N***, I am glad that my baby attending this day care as I haven't seen my child this happy before. The staff is qualified and know exactly how to make my child comfortable. I must say the staff are amazing and as a mum I couldn't wish for a better place for my child."