Baby on a Bed

Emergency Care

Whenever, Wherever

I make it a priority to provide a safe and inviting environment for all of my clients. With all of my services, parents stay calm whenever they leave their children in my care. As a team of experienced Child Care Providers, we are here to provide the quality care your children deserve.


Our service provides care to suit your needs during unexpected circumstances. With the support from Tiney organisation, Petite is extremely versatile and we can accommodate requests to our best abilities.

We provide a safe and peaceful environment where each and every Childs needs are respected and obeyed. Our nursery is designed to provide the correct facilities to encounter a Childs requirements for emergency care outside of social hours. It is important that we portrate a calm and polite atmosphere at our service during unsocial hours as we remain open to those with such demands. 

Further facilities

  • Complete with modern indoor equipment

  • Large play room will be accessible as it provides a huge selection of activities suitable for all ages 

  • Play Equipment suitable for all ages 

  • Home cooked meals will be provided

Get in touch to proceed with an easy enrolment process or to book any of my services. We would be more than happy to accommodate any special requests, or specific family needs.