Bread and Butter Pudding


Bread, slices - cut off crusts (optional)

Butter- 20g

Sultanas - 60g

Cinnamon - 1-2tsp

Milk - 350ml

Eggs - 2

Double cream - 60ml

Sugar - 15g

Vanilla essence (Optional) - 1 tsp


1. Grease a pie or casserole dish which will hold 2 pints of liquid

2. Butter the bread and cut into triangles
3. Cover the bottom of the dish with some of the bread in a layer

slightly overlapping, butter side up. Add a few sultanas and a

sprinkle of cinnamon
4. Repeat step 3 until all the bread is used, the very top layer should

be bread only (No sultanas or cinnamon)
5. Warm the milk and cream in a pan gently. This must be a low heat

till warm, do not let this boil
6. Crack the eggs into a bowl and add most of the sugar. Whisk until

pale. Add the milk and cream to the eggs and vanilla, stir well. Pour this custard over the arranged bread. Sprinkle with a little more cinnamon and the small amount of leftover sugar. Leave to stand for around 20-30 minutes

7. Preheat the oven to gas 4/180c/160c fan
8. Bake for approximately 30-35 minutes, or until custard has set and

the top is slightly golden

Chefs Tips

  1. Do the children have too many Easter eggs? Have some left over? For a bit of an indulgent treat, chop the chocolate and add with the sultanas and zest a little orange in the custard

  2. No Cinnamon? Try mixed spice

  3. This is a great way to use bread with not much shelf life as older

    bread works better. Most bread items can also be used in place of

    sliced bread. Try using left over bread rolls cut into chunks

  4. No sultanas? Try another dried fruit or fresh berries

Please note: No allergens are displayed on this recipe as allergens may vary - please check allergens carefully from any supplier produce is purchased from.