OUR Experience

Dependable and Dedicated

At Petite Childcare we share the great life and work experiences that will be conveyed into the everyday life at Petite.  You can be rest assured your child will be safe with us!

October 2017- January 2018

Family nanny

While working in this position, I gained valuable experience guiding young children so they’d reach their milestones. Hearing from them and knowing I’ve affected their lives fills me with pride. I have gained many skills through my nannying experience such as patience, trust and mental and emotional strength.

May 2005 - Present

SEN Teacher

Every mother knows that one of the hardest, if not the hardest, jobs in the world is being a fulltime mom. As a First Grade Teacher I’ve had my share of experience taking care of children, all with very different personalities and whims. Teaching them important life values while they’re under my care is what I’m most praised for. I looked after up to 25 children at a time while at this position. I supervised them at play, read stories, comforted them, and helped them grow. While at this position, I saw firsthand the positive impact that kindness and compassion can have on a child’s development. Working with children of various ages also helped me create and learn techniques that will allow me to care for your child, no matter what age.

September 2018

Student Midwife

I gained valuable experience whist working along side a mentor that encouraged me to take the front line, my first deliveries were very nerve-racking however also rewarding. It amazes me how incredible things can change soo quickly but I can definitely say with pride that I work great under pressure!  I became a trusted and integral part of all the families and mothers I had worked with. Experiencing life as a midwife enlightened me to many skills such as patience, emotional and mental strength, good observation, maturity and an ability to act on own initiative.