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A little about our Tiney home nursery 

Who is Petite?

Petite childcare is a day care service providing early years support and care for children. Tiney is an Ofsted registered organisation where we have completed training as professional childminders in 2019 and as a result we are now certified and registered EYFS childminders. The philosophy of Petite is to deliver parents with results and a companionship of growth for their children as they prepare for school.

Petite is an affordable service that provides childcare and emergency care during unsocial hours. Famous for its versatile hours and helpful hands. It all started when parents of children in the neighbourhood would often ask us to look after their children for a few hours while they were out running errands. We have now built up a reputation and developed returning clients, and we are excited to welcome many more families to join Petite Childcare.

Who is Tiney?

"We’re training up a new wave of fantastic early years educators to give more children a great start in life...and reinventing childcare in the process. We believe that a great early education can be life changing. Our mission is to make the highest quality childcare accessible to more families, and to empower a generation of micro-entrepreneurs to deliver amazing care from their own homes."

Mission statement

"Our ambition is big. We want to transform the childcare industry and need people with the mindset, skills and appetite to help us do it."

 Building a b-corp

Tiney is a pre-registered b-corp, meaning we’re committed to building a business that is a force for good. B-corp status gives us a north star for the type of business we want to grow in to, and places us alongside a global movement of other companies already working to benefit society.

We believe that high quality Early Years Education is one of the most high impact ways to positively change society. At tiney we’re super-charging that pathway, not only by impacting children, but by enabling a new generation of amazing educators to choose childcare as their career.