Being Healthy

Our menus

Here at Petite our menus offer a range of  diverse dishes. Meals are made using fresh seasonal ingredients with almost no preservatives to help give your child the best start in life. We take pride in our food credentials and ensure that all meals are cooked with love.

All our meals are nutritionally balanced to ensure children are covering their dietary need and more! We also pay special attention to reducing the amount of salt and sugar in a child's daily intake.

We’re constantly evolving the way we create our menus and we regularly take on board feedback from children, parents help us develop dishes that meet the needs of many.

Our current menus include many childhood favourites with a healthy twist to ensure that children are balancing the nutrition and protein they require. Better yet why not try our recipes at home.

Our recipes are closely monitored, all allergies and food requirements are taken on board during every meal prep.